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Articulate Storyline

Texas Brewery Tours: Tour Day Procedures

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This project was created to establish an onboarding training for Texas Brewery Tours. The co-owners have visions of expansion into more markets. They wanted proper training based on their own best practices experiences leading tours for the company. I designed and developed this Storyline training that will train current and future tour drivers and it also provides a certificate of successful completion of the training, pending passing of a quiz.


The learners will need to attain proper training based on the co-owners best practices experiences leading tours and procedures to complete a full tour. The learner will also need to attain a certificate of successful completion.


Create a Storyline training that will be used to onboard new drivers/tour leaders to teach best practices and procedures before, during and after a tour. The learner will attain a certificate once successfully passing a short quiz. This training will also be used for future expansion of the growing business.


Completing the interactive training, the drivers for Texas Brewery Tours will be able to complete best practices before, during and after a tour. The learners will be able to prove their successful completion with a certificate.