WeHOP - 501 c 3, nonprofit organization: 

Organization role responsibilities

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This project was created to assist in structuring a non-profit organization. The organization was wanting to have an organized set of responsibilities for the roles . I created some infographics for each of their roles.  These assets will help to define each role in the organization and will assist in the onboarding of new members to the organization. 


The organization has many members with different roles, but the co-chairmen did not have something that list the responsibilities of each role. Onboarding new members takes longer and is usually inconsistent. 


To create infographics that will provide a set of responsibilities that will define each role. This would help each member be able to fully complete each aspect of the role.


The co-chairmen will be using the infographics to make sure each member of the organization is completing their responsibilities. This will assist the organization with onboarding new members in the future