Job aids

Nosiaf Food Group LLC: - Dulce Vida & Jersey Dogs:  Opening and closing procedures

Client DV JD Opening S.O.Ps v.2.png
Client DV JD Opening Checklist v.2.png

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This project was created to be an integral part of the standard operating procedures when. The owner wanted to have a visible aid for his small business that details the proper steps to open up and close down. I created Job Aids and checklists using Canva by taking the information gathered from meeting with the SME (owner), I incorporated the two small business brand colors


The employees will need to make sure to execute the standard operating procedures that are detailed by the owner that comes from experiences of best practices


To create a job aids that will be used as a reference to support the employees when performing standard operating procedures at the beginning and at the end of the day. This would remedy the issue of employees missing some steps in the opening and closing procedures. 


The owner will provide these job aids as visuals to the employees as daily aid or reminder when performing daily standard operating procedures. This will assist the owner with future plans of expansion of the businesses.